About 3D Crime Scene

Paul Breuninger is a criminal investigator who retired in his thirty-first year of service with the Cook County Sheriff's Police Department in Chicago. He began using computer-aided design as an investigative tool in his investigations in 1985. This method has proven to be a valuable asset when attempting to answer the question, "What happened?"

As time went on Paul was asked to assist other police departments and state prosecutors with criminal investigations and eventually developed a five day state-certified course called "Introduction to 3D Crime Scene Reconstruction Utilizing CAD" to teach others how to reconstruct scenes.

Paul now lectures around the country about 3D crime scene reconstruction to professional groups. In addition to lecturing, Paul teaches other law enforcement personnel around the country how to use 3D CAD as a valuable investigative tool.

If you are interested in having Paul speak before your group, need more information on having a class taught in your area, please use the Information Request Form  or send email.

Thank you for your interest.